Top Porn Categories


The porn industry is worth a billion dollars. That’s a testament to how popular porn is. The reason why porn is so popular among different age groups is that it offers variety. Porn hub, which is one of the most popular porn domains on the internet, has released data on the top pornographic categories over the previous decade. Porn hub’s analytics, which it collects and releases at the end of each year, is a good indicator of how popular and normalized porn is. This article will focus on the top porn categories of all time. 

Lesbian Porn 

Lesbian porn has topped the list of most searched terms in the pornographic world for several years in a row. Lesbian porn is enjoyed by both men and women, not only because there are gorgeous and incredibly attractive women engaged, but also because it lasts longer and is more tailored to a female audience. Women appreciate longer foreplay than any other pornographic video show, and lesbian pornographic shows are no exception. Lesbian porn also uses some of the hottest shemale pornstars you will ever see. 

Amateur Pornography

Amateur pornography has exploded in popularity in recent years, thanks to the affordable availability of high-quality cameras and the ability for anyone to record their kinky adventure on their smartphone. Many couples and swingers began recording themselves solely to add to their pornography collection, but these movies gradually made their way to the most prominent pornographic websites online. Amateur pornography provides viewers with something that professional pornography cannot: unique shots and genuine pleasure.

MILF porn

MILF porn has been around for a long time, and the MILFs of today are nothing like those of a decade ago. MILFs with teen-like figures and even tighter pussies are becoming more common as cosmetic surgery has gotten more inexpensive. MILFs are among the most well-known porn stars, with devoted admirers that watch their films regularly. Nicole Aniston, Lisa Ann, Kendra Lust, and a slew of other well-known porn stars have all shot MILF porn.


Hentai is a Japanese word that means “perverse” sexual yearning when translated into English. Hentai porn is cartoon porn. It also includes anime or manga and it is one of the most popular types of porn among Millennials, young adults, and children. The infinite sexual fantasies possible through this format are one of the reasons for its increasing appeal. All of the regular limits of reality are removed from the erotic illusions. It can provide the impression that our libido has arrived in paradise.

Teen porn

TEEN is a very popular search phrase on porn sites This means that there is a huge pornographic genre dedicated solely to females who appear (and may very well be) younger than 18 years old, which is illegal because they are under the age of consent for sex. And, based on what we know about teen porn consumers and the demographics of the average porn site visitor, there’s no reason to suppose it’s only teenagers searching for “teen” porn.